Hottest Alaska Cruise Excursions

//Hottest Alaska Cruise Excursions

Hottest Alaska Cruise Excursions

Hottest Alaska Cruise Excursions

An Alaska Cruise Tour combines an Alaska Cruise Vacation with an Alaska Land Vacation to make a “Cruise Tour.” These give you an opportunity to experience both the coastal and interior areas of Alaska.

You can explore the heart of Alaska including Mt. Denali and Denali National Park. You will travel by deluxe motor coach and/or trains, stay at exquisite, mountain lodges and view wildlife in its natural habitat. You will participate in adventurous and culturally rich shore excursions. Additional excursions can be purchased along the way to help complete your Alaska adventure. To truly see Alaska’s impressive shoreline as well as its interior, a cruise tour is the only way to go.

Here are some of the hottest Alaska Cruise Tour/Excursions, selected by Alaska residents, for you to choose from:

Ketchikan Shore Excursions & Tours

Misty Fjord Floatplane With Landing

With huge granite cliffs rising straight up from the sea and the sheer beauty of the area, Misty Fjords offers a unique Alaskan flightseeing experience—very different from other Inside Passage areas like Juneau or even a Denali flightseeing tour. This is a great chance for a truly Alaskan experience: to ride in a floatplane and land on a pristine wilderness lake.

Begin with an aerial overview of Misty Fjords National Monument and those granite cliffs. Just beyond is a series of small, remote mountain lakes that would be next to impossible to reach on foot. Your pilot picks out one of the lakes, lands the floatplane, and turns off the engine. You can step out on the pontoon, breathe in the fresh air and listen to the silence. Join Taquan Air for the experience.

Neets Bay Bear Watch Adventure by Floatplane

Seeing a bear is at the top of many Alaskan travelers’ lists, and summer is the perfect time to do it. From late July to September, there are reliable (but not guaranteed) bear-viewing opportunities outside of Ketchikan. You’ll fly in by floatplane and have an excellent chance for safe, comfortable viewing and photography of black bears feeding on salmon. Note that these are black bears, not brown or grizzly bears. Join Taquan Air Neets Bay Bear Viewing for the experience. If you want to see brown bears while on a Southeast Alaska cruise, your best bet is to take an evening nature tour to Haines in August and September.


Listen up, anglers (or non-anglers): There are a lot of fish in Ketchikan, so your chances of catching one here are excellent. The best time to cast your line is when the pink salmon are running, in mid-to-late summer. In fact, they return to the streams around Ketchikan by the thousands. While many Alaskan “fish snobs” turn their nose up at pink salmon and prefer king or sockeye salmon, nothing beats the excitement of catching your first wild Alaskan salmon.

If your cruise itinerary includes Sitka, fish there in place of Ketchikan (or fish in both places). Sitka faces the open Pacific Ocean, so fishing in Sitka tends to offer a wider variety of species, including king salmon and halibut.

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